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Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina is hauling in a lot of campaign cash as he runs for reelection in 2022, and that’s generating some buzz about 2024.

Racial justice in the workplace: In-depth look at diversity’s struggle to crack corporate boardrooms

After George Floyd’s murder, corporate America pledged to do better. But a USA TODAY analysis finds executive roles remain largely white and male.

Fact check: Arizona audit chief baselessly raises suspicion about 74,000 ballots

Arizona’s Senate held a Thursday briefing on the ongoing Republican-initiated “audit” of the 2020 election in Maricopa County, where Joe Biden outperformed Donald Trump by enough of a margin to win the state.

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Summer is here and millions of people are flocking to beaches all across the country. But even on a seemingly beautiful weather day, a hidden danger can lie just under the surface: rip currents, high surf or sneaker waves — collectively known as surf zone incidents.

Austria probes reports of Havana Syndrome among US diplomats in Vienna

Austrian authorities said they are investigating reports that US diplomats in Vienna have experienced symptoms of a mystery illness known as Havana Syndrome.

Elizabeth Taylor was ‘broken’ after losing ‘soulmate’ Montgomery Clift, author claims: ‘They saved each other’

The stars first worked together in the 1951 drama ‘A Place in the Sun,’ leading to a close bond that lasted until the actor’s death in 1966 at age 45.

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Millions of Americans are grieving loved ones taken by Covid-19. Yet even outside of a pandemic — with its staggering losses of lives, homes, economic security and normalcy — grief is hard work.

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