‘Hope Not Fear:’ A university president reflects on the emotion of commencement day

I always think about the fact that “commencing” also involves separation. That was palpable this pandemic year, as I watched hugs for the graduates.



‘They’ve made these girls feel humiliated’: Parents voice anger over female students’ altered yearbook photos at Florida high school

A Florida high school faces criticism from students and parents after a teacher edited girls’ yearbook photos to add more clothing.



Will the storm ever end? Tennessee family weary in fight to fix flooding

A Tennessee family’s dream home has been bombarded with rain since they moved to there in 2019. They claim sellers didn’t mention the flooding issue.



Get ready to swelter: Record temperatures possible as heat wave scorches Southeast

Midsummer-like heat will continue to scorch portions of the Southeast this week with potentially record-challenging temperatures well into the 90s.



PGA champion Phil Mickelson: ‘I’m very inspired by Tom Brady’

The oldest player to win a golf major, Mickelson, 50, also wants to join forces again with the 43-year-old Buccaneers quarterback.



Supreme Court declines to hear appeal by death row inmate who sought execution by firing squad

Ernest Johnson was sentenced to death in the killings of three convenience store employees in 1994. The Supreme Court declined to hear his appeal.



‘Gray area’ drinking is not a medical diagnosis, but experts say it can still be a problem. What is it and what are the signs?

‘Gray area’ drinking is a term used to describe a mild alcohol use disorder, health experts say. Here’s what it looks like and how to seek help.



Freshmen at U.S. Naval left behind their ‘plebe’ titles with the Herndon Monument Climb

Freshmen at the U.S. Naval Academy left behind their “plebe” titles by completing the traditional Herndon Monument Climb.



Keith Appling, ex-Michigan State basketball star, arrested in connection to fatal shooting

Former Michigan State hoops star Keith Appling was named a suspect in a fatal shooting that occurred Saturday night that left a 66-year-old man dead.



Biden administration dampens expectations on Israeli-Palestinian peace process as Blinken visits Middle East

Biden’s Secretary of State Antony Blinken will visit Israel, the West Bank, Jordan and Egypt to ensure the Israel-Hamas cease-fire “sticks.”