Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers chose to live in their own ‘little bubble’ following engagement news

Shailene Woodley claimed she and Aaron Rodgers decided to stay in their own “little bubble” after announcing their engagement. The two were engaged for “months and months” before making the announcement.

Immigrant turned US Army soldier-runner headed to Tokyo: ‘I’ll be doing this for the United States’

Spc. Benard Keter, a soldier-athlete with the Army’s World Class Athlete Program, is representing both Team USA and the U.S. Army during the men’s 3,000-meter steeplechase in Tokyo on June 21.

Canada surpasses US in percentage of fully vaccinated against Covid-19

Here are 100 things to do this summer with or without kids

As those who are vaccinated peek out beyond our masks, people are looking for a return to summers past in 2021.

Europe’s finest al fresco dining spots for this summer

Few experiences herald the joys of summer living like eating and drinking outdoors, or dining al fresco as Italians call it, literally “in the open air.”

How hot is too hot? What to know about wet bulb temperatures, an increasing danger in extreme heat.

Heat is already the deadliest weather-related hazard, killing about 1,300 Americans each year, and experts warn it’s only going to get worse.

Grand Canyon flash flood leaves 1 woman dead, others injured

A flash flood in the Grand Canyon killed one woman and injured several others. Those injured are now in stable condition.

Young girl calls 911 with message for sheriff, first responders: ‘I love y’all’

A 6-year-old girl calls 911 with a heartfelt message for first responders.

San Francisco archbishop says traditional Latin mass will continue in wake of Pope’s stunning reversal

The San Francisco archbishop said traditional Latin masses will continue in his diocese despite Pope Francis restricting the celebrations on Friday.

Britney Spears calls out those who didn’t lend a hand when she was ‘drowning’

Britney Spears shared a message seemingly aimed at those close to her who she feels ignored her in a time of need.