For people like my mom, there may never be a post-COVID era free of masks and worry

Banning mask mandates is premature. We can’t trust the unvaccinated to protect high-risk people, such as those with compromised immune systems.

Michigan takes stage in the fight to open the US-Canada border

Meet John Adams, the man taking on President Biden and Prime Minister Trudeau in ads demanding the U.S.-Canada border be opened.

William Shakespeare, first man to get vaccinated, dies at 81; antibodies remain 10 months after infection, study says: Live COVID-19 updates

William Shakespeare, first man to get vaccinated, dies at 81 in England. Puerto Rico lifts its curfew. Here are the latest COVID-19 updates.

Bride shows off incredible drum skills on wedding day

This drummer teaches kids across the world and says ‘music has always been a huge part’ of her relationship with her husband.

Amazon to acquire MGM studio, home to James Bond, ‘Handmaid’s Tale,’ for $8.45 billion

Amazon said it will help preserve MGM’s film archives, which includes 4,000 titles, including the James Bond franchise, “Raging Bull” and “Rocky.”


Your invitation awaits

My mother introduced the first LGBTQ rights bill to Congress. Let’s make her proud.

Much has improved for LGBTQ Americans since my mom, Bella Abzug, fought for them in Congress. But America still has a lot of room to improve.

Schools are getting record money under COVID stimulus. Will it help kids who need it most?

The COVID stimulus included record education spending. Will it actually help kids learn, improve their mental health and reopen schools?

Six women reported a Louisiana college student for sexual misconduct. No one connected the dots.

One by one, those in charge of protecting students at Louisiana universities ignored or skirted a law designed to rid campuses of sexual predators.

What’s the right age for juvenile criminals to be considered adults? Advocates and some states push it past 20.

Backed by evidence of racial disparities, cases and research showing a person’s brain isn’t fully developed until 25, states are now seeing kids as kids.