Ohio teens rescued after going missing while tubing in remote area of the Tuscarawas River

Four Ohio teens were found safe hours after they went missing in a remote area of the Tuscarawas River in Dover on Memorial Day, the Ohio State Highway Patrol said Saturday.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol Aviation Unit found the shivering teenagers, who were still dressed in swimming gear early in the morning, after the Tuscarawas County Sheriff’s office asked for assistance, the highway patrol said. 

Video shared by the highway patrol showed aerial nighttime video of the moment the shivering teens were found on the bank by the aerial after scanning the river.



No injuries were reported, according to FOX 19


The teens had reportedly been missing for more than six hours when they were found.


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Former doctor for Trump, Obama slams White House’s ‘malpractice’ in allowing Biden to seek re-election

Texas GOP Rep. Ronny Jackson, a former White House physician, is continuing to raise flags over President Biden’s health, concluding that he is “not fit mentally or physically” after the president fell on stage Thursday during a commencement ceremony at the U.S. Air Force Academy.

“I don’t wanna sound like a broken record, but I’m just going to say it again: This man’s not fit mentally or physically to be our president, and it’s a bad situation for us,” Jackson said during a Friday evening appearance on Fox News Channel’s ‘Hannity.’ “Part of the job of the President of the United States is to inspire confidence and project power, and he’s not doing that. He can’t do that, he’s too old to do that, and I think it’s a shame.”

The many gaffes and the recent fall he endured show that Biden, according to Jackson, is offering a “package that doesn’t sell around the world.”

“I think his lack of physical ability and his physical decline is now starting to highlight the cognitive decline that we’ve been watching for so long now,” Jackson said. “It’s a package that just doesn’t sell around the world, and it’s becoming a national security issue for us. We have to do something about.”


“To think that this man thinks he can be president at the age of 86 when he’s 80 right now [and] could be in office for another six years is just malpractice on part of the White House in the West Wing to allow this to be happening, for him to even be talking about running for another term,” he continued. “Somebody needs to be held accountable. People like Jill Biden and people that surround him and are supposed to love him and care about him, they should be doing something about this, and they should be stopping this because it’s a shame.”

Jackson said it has reached a “point where our commander in chief needs a walker” in order to maneuver around at events.

“Could you imagine? It would be a better image than what we’re seeing right now — seeing him creep around in a walker,” he said. “At least he wouldn’t be falling flat on his face in front of the entire world.… It’s embarrassing for him, and it’s embarrassing for our country.”

Jackson, who said he prays that Biden does not get re-elected next year, said he does not “honestly think he can finish the time he’s got left, built should he finish that time, there’s no way this man can be our president for another four years.”

Jackson previously served as the White House physician to former Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump, and has repeatedly questioned whether Biden is cognitively fit for office.

In April, Jackson circulated a letter among House Republicans demanding that Biden take a cognitive test or drop out of the 2024 race. The latest letter, first obtained by Fox News, came shortly after Biden announced that he will seek re-election next year.


“We call on you to either resign immediately and renounce your bid for reelection or submit to a clinically validated cognitive screening assessment and make those results available to the public,” read Jackson’s letter, which was addressed to Biden.

The letter cited Biden’s age, public gaffes and polls showing many Americans doubt the president’s mental fitness.

“When you first announced your bid to run in the 2020 presidential election, questions and concerns were raised surrounding your cognitive abilities. Those concerns have only increased because your mental decline and forgetfulness have become more apparent since you were elected,” Jackson wrote in the letter.

Jackson led previous calls for Biden to take a cognitive test, including one in July 2022 that was signed by more than 50 House Republicans.

In February, Jackson called for an end to the “cover-up” of Biden’s health after the president’s physical claimed that he is healthy and fit to serve as commander in chief.

“The majority of Americans can see that Biden’s mental health is in total decline, yet there is no transparency from the White House on what’s going on, if anything, to address this issue and his inability to do his job,” Jackson told Fox News Digital at the time. “Yesterday’s written physical exam report released by Biden’s physician, Kevin O’Connor, further confirms that this administration is still adamant about concealing the truth.”

The Biden administration has repeatedly brushed aside concerns about Biden’s acuity. Earlier this year when GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley proposed that politicians over 75 take mental competency tests, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said attacks on Biden over his fitness for office failed in the past.

“You know, we’ve heard these types of attacks or remarks before. And, you know, if you go back to 2020, they said that the president couldn’t do it in 2020 and attacked him there, and he beat them,” Jean-Pierre said. “Maybe they’re forgetting the wins that this president has had over the last couple of years. But I’m happy to remind them anytime.”


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Six Flags amusement parks hosting Pride Month drag shows for ‘all ages’, assures guests they’re ‘PG’

In honor of Pride Month, major amusement park franchise Six Flags has announced kid-friendly drag show performances at several of its amusement parks this year.

Trying to preempt outrage over drag queens performing for kids, Six Flags’ website insisted that the shows will be PG and “inclusive for all ages.”

In addition to the drag performances, one of the Six Flags parks will be showcasing educational material on the history of America’s pride celebration.


Six Flags promoted these drag shows on social media, beginning with ads for Pride Month celebrations at its Texas theme park, “Six Flags Over Texas.”

An Instagram post published Friday advertised the event, stating, “Six Flags Over Texas Presents DRAG SHOW.” The ad featured images of several drag queens that will be performing at the theme part on Fridays and Saturdays throughout the month.

Among the performers were drag queens “Arya Jealous,” “Citronella Mack,” and “Salem Moon.” 

The caption for the post read, “Celebrate Pride at Six Flags Over Texas with a Drag Show! Performances are Fridays and Saturdays in June at The Stage in Gotham City.” It also provided a link to the Six Flags website for information.

The site went into more detail about the events, stating, “The 45-minute live show will make you laugh and clap as our PRIDE entertainers offer a first-of-its-kind show at Six Flags Over Texas. Local Drag Queen legend Salem Moon will emcee our Drag Show.”


It listed several activities that guests will be able to participate in during the festivities, such as a “PRIDE Celebration Dance Party” where “DJ Unladylike” will be playing music for attendees looking to dance, and a “PRIDE Celebration Lip Sync Battle” featuring guests competing against one another.

The most notable announcement of the drag event however, was that it was being advertised as fun for “all ages.”

The site claimed, “All content is rated PG and is considered to be family-friendly and inclusive for all ages.” And for attendees concerned about minors seeing drag shows, the site offered, “Anyone under 17 should consult with a parent or guardian if there is concern.”

In addition to hosting PG drag shows for kids, teens and adults, the event advertised a digital presentation on the history of Pride, stating, “If you are interested in learning more about how the national PRIDE celebration began, then visit Crazy Horse Saloon to see a digital presentation on the TV screens.”

Other Six Flag parks announced these events as well, with the Six Flags park in St. Louis, Missouri advertising a Pride Night this past Friday. 

According to conservative outlet The Blaze, Six Flags will host drag events “at Six Flags Great America in Illinois and Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey” throughout the month.

Fox News Digital reached out to staff at Six Flags Over Texas to see if any of the park’s staff share concerns over drag performances being shown to small children at the venue. This article will be updated with any reply. 


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Cavinder twins open up about eating disorder journey: ‘Started getting very toxic’

Haley and Hanna Cavinder, twins who played for the Miami Hurricanes women’s basketball team, got candid about their struggle with eating habits in a video posted to YouTube Friday. 

The twins chose to post the video June 2, World Eating Disorders Action Day. 

The video takes viewers through their journey to prioritize their health.

“Something that Hanna and I have been struggling with for years now, as you guys can kind of see by the title of this video, is our eating habits,” Haley Cavinder said in a January recording.


Hanna then spoke about how she started “calorie counting” after the two players transferred from Fresno State to Miami. 

“Going into Miami, obviously Haley and I were trying to prepare, trying to be the best we can at basketball,” Hanna said. “Trying to fuel our bodies. If we do something, we’re going to do it 100%. There’s no in between. So, it’s extreme, right? That’s just kind of like how our minds work.

“It started getting very toxic with, ‘We need to eat … a certain amount of calories a day,’” Hanna added. “But we’re burning so many calories. We’re not in-taking enough.”

The twins hired a nutritionist in January to prioritize their health. 


On May 19, the twins provided an update in the video and detailed the way they ate while at Fresno State. 

“It did get extremely bad when we were in Fresno,” Haley said. “I remember, just going through the timeline with you guys, my mom had to reach out — she never told us this until afterward — but had to reach out to our coaches there because she knew we were starving ourselves.” 

Hanna revealed that she experienced hair loss while Haley discussed her hormonal imbalance due to their poor diet. 

The two turned to Kathryne “Kat” Padgett, a dietitian who helped the two athletes increase their calorie and carbohydrate intake. 

“Their maintenance calories, the amount of calories to maintain their body weight, was found to be at 2,300 calories on average for their activity level as collegiate athletes,” Padgett said in the video. “What they were actually eating was pretty astounding.

“They were actually eating about 1,300 calories per day, which is unreal. What’s even crazier is that they were only eating 30 grams of carbs per day.” 

At the end of the video, the twins said they were “in a great place” as they share their journey. 

“We want to help people, genuinely want to help people,” Haley said. “So, feel free to reach out. Do not be afraid to talk to somebody and admit.”

The twins graduated from Miami in May and chose not to pursue a fifth year of NCAA eligibility.


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Harry and Meghan Markle will ‘live to regret’ kids not having relationship with royals, Graydon Carter predicts

“That will come back to haunt them at a certain point,” the former Vanity Fair editor said.


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Mike Pence, Ron DeSantis kick GOP campaigns into high gear in Iowa

The Republican primary race revved up Saturday as Ron DeSantis, Mike Pence, and six other GOP candidates hit the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines for Sen. Joni Ernst’s annual motorcycle-themed fundraiser.


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Nationals’ Stephen Strasburg, who once signed record-breaking contract, has ‘severe nerve damage’: report

At one point, Stephen Strasburg held the record for the most lucrative contract ever given to a pitcher before it was broken a few days later by Gerrit Cole.

In December 2019, Strasburg signed a seven-year, $245 million deal with the Washington Nationals, breaking the record previously held by David Price ($217 million), after winning the 2019 World Series MVP with the Nats. 

The deal is now in the conversation for the worst contract ever.

Since the deal, Strasburg has made just eight starts as he’s dealt with multiple long-term injuries. And that number does not look to be increasing any time soon.


In July 2021, it was revealed that Strasburg had thoracic outlet syndrome, and he’s made one major league start since.

Now, The Washington Post is reporting the right-hander has “severe nerve damage.”

The Post says Strasburg had “pain, tingling and numbness” in late-April, which shut down another attempt at a return, which is similar to what he’s dealt with for a long while.


“He had tried to ramp up three different times this past winter, progressing to multiple bullpen sessions. But after throwing a bullpen in late January, he felt discomfort on his right side and couldn’t continue,” the Post reported. 

“The surgery, which he underwent in 2021, removed a rib and two muscles from his neck. As recently as last summer, Strasburg couldn’t stand for long before his right hand went numb. He often had to lie down and press his hand against his chest to be a warped version of comfortable.”

Prior to the deal, Strasburg, the first overall pick in the 2009 MLB Draft, pitched to a 3.17 ERA in his career and was named an All-Star three times. He finished in third place in the 2017 NL Cy Young Award vote and fifth place two years later.

Strasburg signed a seven-year, $175 million extension prior to the 2016 season, but he was able to opt out after either 2019 or 2020. Given his performance in 2019, it was a no-brainer to opt out.

Strasburg’s deal remains the second-richest ever for a pitcher.


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3-month-old baby saved by groundbreaking skull operation: report

A three-month-old baby in Northern Italy whose brain descended into his nose was saved by doctors in the world’s first operation of its kind.


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Former Target exec reveals the ‘one item’ that sparked consumer firestorm

Target has seen a significant drop in its market value as the retail giant faces a consumer firestorm over the displaying of pride merchandise in stores around the nation. 

This controversy follows a boycott against Bud Light due to their decision to market products with transgender social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney. 

Former Target Vice Chairman Gerald Storch joined “Fox & Friends Weekend” and revealed the one item that “made the difference” against the competition and sparked the backlash. 


He explained that many retailers carry pride merchandise, “you know, the plates that had different colors in it. Fine. You show the rainbow, you know, a gingerbread house, whatever you are, that’s all you know. Who cares? Everybody carries that stuff.”

Storch targeted one item from the store’s pride collection that set it apart from its competition and ignited the consumer firestorm. 

“I’ve never seen a case where one item, that tuck swimsuit, that’s really what made the difference versus the competitors. That’s where the big mistake [was] made,” said the former Target executive. 

The former executive shared an example of how he handled controversy with Babies “R” Us. 

“We had a contest where the first baby of the year would get $20,000. You know, people were up in arms because guess what, the first baby the year was born to an undocumented immigrant and they didn’t have a tax I.D. or anything, and the people are, ‘oh, God, you can’t give it to them. You have to give it to them. Figure out a way.’ He continued, “You know what we did, we gave it to two babies and we put out a giant press release. We love all babies.” 

“At the end of the day, if you embrace and you show that to people and you know, I hear you every morning, you know this, too. That’s how you get a problem, is you have to address it as a real problem and show love for people and it works,” he added. 

“Now going out of the problem, you have to show love. I know that sounds kind of funny, but, you know, forgiveness and love, that’s part of America and that’s what you have to do.”

Storch noted that Target experienced economic trouble as well.


“Target stock has certainly been performing poorly off 11% year to date. So that’s not good, and certainly, this boycott of the whole issue here isn’t helping. It’s very distracting to have that going on in the business. But there are more fundamental concerns with that, with the environment, with the consumer and with the business here,” he noted. 

The company’s market value has taken a tumble since mid-May with a decline of over $12 billion dollars. 

“Target’s decline in stock, — actually began on May 18th.” He explained, “that’s the day Walmart reported seven percent gain in comp store sales on the prior day. Target had reported flat sales, year flat at Target, up seven at Wal-Mart. There’s no way that comparison looks good.” 

“The consumer is feeling very stressed, very stressed by the environment, by inflation, and Target is known as the upscale discounter. So it’s not good to be the upscale discounter at a time when the consumer doesn’t have a lot of money to spend. So they’re migrating more to Wal-Mart, and that’s a huge problem.”

“While there’s no doubt the boycott is part of the problem, if you read the reports about Target during this period and the analysts keep in mind related to the investors, who are the ones who are buying things about the stock or in this case probably selling picks amount of stock. They’re more concerned with the fundamental business issues.”

Storch noted that Target’s investors are watching “very, very carefully” and want to know the impact on sales.

“You know, they [Target] certainly didn’t handle this well, either going in or trying to deal with it on the way out. But I think over time, this is not going to be a big issue for them,” he said. 


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Aaron Judge has priceless reaction to ‘Arson Judge’ viral tweet

New York Yankees Captain Aaron Judge has gotten off to a strong start this season. During the offseason, there was considerable speculation about where the then-free agent slugger would land. 

Judge ultimately decided to stay with the Yankees and signed a massive nine-year, $360 million contract. 

Before the 2022 American League MVP made his free-agency decision, he became associated with a typo that went viral that suggested he was going to play in the Bay Area in 2023.


Baseball columnist Jon Heyman misspelled Judge’s first name in a tweet that suggested that the superstar player “Arson Judge” appeared to be “headed to the Giants.”

Judge is a California native and has previously mentioned that he grew up rooting for the San Francisco Giants.


During a recent appearance on the “On Base with Mookie Betts” podcast, the Dodgers’ star outfielder asked Judge about the infamous tweet.

“I think my name changed a little bit… Yeah, Arson Judge. I haven’t seen his stats yet with the Giants,” Judge joked.

“Mm, me either, they got to be pretty good though,” Betts quipped back.

Judge also recalled his agent, friends, and family members reaching out to him about the situation.

“It was funny… That [the tweet] kind of blew up a little bit,” Judge told Betts. “I started getting a couple of text messages from family and friends, with the Yankees, kind of ‘What’s going on?’”

Some Giants fans who saw the tweet were hopeful that Judge would indeed end up with their team in 2023, but their joy was short-lived.

Heyman quickly drew backlash for jumping the gun on Judge’s landing spot. His tweet also caught the attention of Giants pitcher Logan Webb, who wrote, “Not cool man.”

Heyman later issued an apology. “Giants say they have not heard on Aaron Judge, My apologies for jumping the gun.” Heyman wrote. 

Judge is coming off a season where he hit 62 home runs to set the single-season record for the American League. Roger Maris previously held the record when he hit 61 home runs during the 1961 season.

Judge has slashed .298/.410/.679 over the course of 47 games this season. 

He has 18 home runs on the year and is currently on the same pace as he was last year.


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