Solo Traveling For The Over 50’s

Solo Traveling

Research suggests that your travel needs and desires change as you pass 50. People are more likely to stay longer in one destination and want to learn about the history and culture of a place.

Of course, if you’re planning on solo travelling then you need to know the destination is safe, affordable and there could even be like-minded people present to meet up with.

If this fits your criteria for your next solo travelling adventure you may want to try these destinations:


This is often referred to as the birthplace of western civilization. There are thousands of years of history to explore through archaeological sites and museums.

Visit between April and October and the weather will be warm. The locals are always friendly and the food is excellent. You can also check out the local beaches. The metro is a great and safe way to get around.


This is another country which enjoys plenty of sunshine and it’s very easy to move around the country. The train service is excellent, on time and surprisingly affordable.

Take a look at the large cities but don’t forget the myriad of charming villages, cathedrals and even some castles.


Besides being one of the most romantic countries in the world Italy also has an impressive history and world famous cuisine.

You can’t help but make friends here; think Eat Pray, Love.

Check out Rome, Florence and the Venetian canals. But don’t forget the lesser-known spots such as Umbria. You can even enjoy a delightful ‘hike’ between the five villages in Cinque Terre.


Hike around a lake at the base of a mountain or even climb the mountain if you wish! But that’s only a taste of what Argentina can offer you. The glaciers off its coast give you the opportunity to see penguins!

Alongside this, there are some of the largest and most impressive waterfalls in the world and a culture of wine and great food.

Don’t forget to try the tango while you’re here!


Try the Pacific Coast to get a better feel for the real Mexico. That said, Mexico City has come a long way in recent years and now offers excellent cuisine, great culture and is surprisingly safe.

There are hundreds of indigenous groups which will happily entertain you and share their knowledge and customs with you. It is potentially the friendliest place on Earth!


Think Thailand and then remove the crowds. The people here are exceptionally welcoming and you’ll find Buddhist temples everywhere; along with the famous orange monks.

Check out some of the smaller villages that border the Mekong River to really get a taste of the authentic cuisine and culture.


This slightly mysterious destination is actually a haven for those who love to be organized. The Japanese are meticulous about cleanliness and order. They are also extremely polite and have some of the best food in the world.

Check out the two main cities of Tokyo and Kyoto. You can experience the bullet train to get between them at breathtaking speeds.

Respect for elders is very important in Japan; that’s a real plus if you’re over 50!