Top Destinations With Surprisingly Cheap Flights In October

cheap flights in October

Making the decision to take a vacation means you need to have the funds and the tie available to travel. Fortunately, it’s possible to get cheap flights in October to help make your dream a reality.

October is a great time to travel, the school holidays are finished but the temperature is still warm in many places. Combine this with the availability of surprisingly cheap flights in October and you’re onto a winner.

Here are the top destinations you should be considering:


If there is one experience you need to have its Halloween in the States. This is the only country that really goes to town with houses, children and even adults dressed in their spooky best. There are Halloween festivals everywhere to enjoy.

If you prefer to avoid the Halloween rush then the cities of San Francisco, Chicago and even Washington can provide you with some astonishing views of autumnal weather at its best.


Here you’ll find an array of architecture and history mixed with friendly locals and excellent cuisine. As a relatively undiscovered gem, you’ll beat the crowds and can enjoy the reduced rates associated with up and coming travel destinations.


You may overlook Ecuador when considering your next destination. After all it’s right next to the more famous Galapagos Islands.

But you should try it. From stunning scenery to white water rafting or even the Devil’s Cauldron waterfall; you’ll find something to appeal to everyone.

You’re almost guaranteed good weather as Ecuador is on the equator.


You’re not alone if you’ve never heard of this place! It is in central Asia next to Kazakhstan.

However not knowing of it until now is not a reason to avoid visiting.

The history dates back to the Bronze Age. The current president is overseeing an opening of its borders; allowing visitors in. But, you should note this is not your classic package holiday; you need to be ready to go exploring.

One of the best sights is the flaming Darvaza Gas Crater; also known as the Door To Hell!


This is the place that has become famous for rating happiness over profit! That’s a great start to your travel experience.

October gives you crisp and clear days with plenty of sunshine. Check out the Buddhist monastery of Tashichho Dzang or the Tiger’s Nest Monastery which sits precariously on the mountainside.

Combine these experiences with a country virtually covered in forests and extremely friendly people and you’ll feel like you’ve not only stepped back in time but perhaps even to another world.


This is considered to be the next great destination so it’s time to get in before everyone else. There are plenty of cheap flights; especially in October. This is the right time to visit as the days are a comfortable mid twenty’s centigrade, (70’s Fahrenheit).

You’re also between monsoon seasons and can really enjoy the cosmopolitan feel of the cities, beautiful landscapes and the chance to bike or kayak at Sun Moon Lake.


If you visit in October you’ll miss the mass of tourists and get to enjoy dry days; even if they are a little cooler.

This really is a destination for those that appreciate the natural beauty of our planet; there are several of the most beautiful places in the world on your doorstep.


Take a cheap flight in October to a more traditional destination and enjoy the warmth of the autumn sun while appreciating the Aegean Sea is still 23°C. (73°F)

You’ll get to experience some stunning sunsets and some of the prettiest and most historic villages in the world. Try Santorini, Akrotiri and Sifnos.


This may seem a surprising choice for your October vacation but Germany in October is home to the Oktoberfest. That’s a 16 – 18 day festival for beer and food. The party spirit is high and there are plenty of festivities to get involved in or simply enjoy.


Romania is probably one of the coolest options on this list; you’ll need an extra layer of clothes in October.

However, a visit to the ‘birthplace’ of Dracula in the fall is an experience in itself. The autumnal colours will entrance you as you visit a host of slightly spooky castles.

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