Pfizer-BioNTech booster shots near final approval with CDC vote: Latest COVID-19 updates

Health care workers, teachers and grocery workers are among the high-risk workers eligible for a Pfizer booster. The latest COVID-19 updates:

Marc Benioff says Facebook doesn’t care about disinformation

From the climate crisis to Covid, Marc Benioff sees a common thread for what ails America today: deception that is allowed to spread like wildfire on Facebook.

‘Sex and the City’ star Sarah Jessica Parker says she’s ‘not ready’ to address Willie Garson’s death

Sarah Jessica Parker is giving herself some time before publicly releasing a statement about her “Sex and the City” co-star Willie Garson’s death.

NFL Week 3 schedule, scores, updates and more

NFL Week 3 begins with Sam Darnold trying to lead the Carolina Panthers to their third straight win while the Houston Texans will put Davis Mills out there at quarterback for the first start of his career. Mills is in for an injured Tyrod Taylor and could be in line for an upset win over the Panthers.

WWE pins woke left with controversial new wrestler

WWE pokes fun at the woke left with new wrestler who believes the ring is a “safe space” and that he does not need to use his “male privilege.”

The United Nations held a major meeting on race. Why the US and UK skipped it

After more than a year of racial reckoning that saw historic monuments to enslavers and colonists torn down on both sides of the Atlantic, the United Nations convened a major day-long event on racism and reparations on Wednesday. But representatives from some of the West’s biggest powers never showed.

Patrick Mahomes on brother’s water bottle incident: ‘Something we don’t want to necessarily do’

Patrick Mahomes addressed the incident involving his brother spraying a fan with a water bottle during the Kansas City Chiefs’ loss to the Baltimore Ravens on the road Sunday night.

Jana Kramer details ‘strange’ run-in with ex Mike Caussin while out with Jay Cutler

Newly single mom Jana Kramer is opening up about a “strange” encounter she experienced when running into her ex Mike Caussin while out with her rumored fling Jay Cutler.

Top Pakistan diplomat details Taliban plan

Pakistan’s government is proposing that the international community develop a road map that leads to diplomatic recognition of the Taliban — with incentives if they fulfill its requirements — and then sit down face to face and talk it out with the militia’s leaders.

This is America: 1961, the year young activists helped change the course of American history

The year 1961 is a masterclass in how vulnerable Black Americans and their allies dared to challenge unjust laws and change U.S. history.