2020 was an ‘unusually deadly year’ for shark attacks, with the most deaths since 2013

In what’s being called “an unusually deadly year,” sharks killed 10 people around the world in unprovoked attacks in 2020.



COVID-inspired touchless tech and innovations to help keep your home germ-free

Amid the pandemic, interior designers and manufacturers are offering homeowners solutions to reduce the spread of germs and other harmful particles.



Tax season 2021: How to get a bigger, quicker tax refund

Tax filers need to know rules relating to their unemployment checks, charitable contributions, and stimulus cash when trying to snag a tax refund.



Democrats need an autopsy to figure out why 74 million Americans voted against them

Self-examination and opening lines of communication can be valuable, and no hand-wringing or sacrifice of any Democratic constituencies is necessary.



Supreme Court dismisses cases questioning Trump profits from private businesses

The Constitution prohibits the president from receiving gifts or emoluments. Critics said Donald Trump violated that prohibition with his hotels.



Former Trump aide Sarah Huckabee Sanders will run for governor of Arkansas

Former White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders will put Donald Trump’s political brand to the campaign test as she runs for governor of Arkansas.



Politics live updates: Impeachment article heads to the Senate, Sarah Huckabee Sanders to run for Ark. governor

House Democrats will carry their article of impeachment against Donald Trump across the Capitol to the Senate Monday. The trial will start Feb. 9.



Dominion Voting Systems sues Rudy Giuliani for $1.3B alleging defamation for election comments

Dominion Voting Systems says that Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani didn’t make election fraud claims in court “because he knew” they were false.



Moderna says its COVID-19 vaccine protects against new UK and South African variants, but plans to test new booster shot

Moderna says studies show its vaccine is effective against emerging strains of the coronavirus but plans to test a booster to its two-dose regimen.



Camp Kobe: How Kobe Bryant taught NBA players the Mamba way

Some of the NBA’s brightest stars attended Kobe Bryant’s Mamba Academy Camp, including Kawhi Leonard, Kyrie Irving, Paul George and Tobias Harris.