GameStop Launches Digital Wallet for NFTs, Cryptocurrencies

The move by the company at the center of last year’s meme-stock craze comes as it looks to turn around its core videogame business.

The Biggest Problem With Flying Cars Is on the Ground

Whether you call them eVTOLs, “flying cars” or air taxis, these all-electric, vertical take-off-and-landing passenger vehicles promise to make George Jetson’s commute a reality—if only their manufacturers can figure out where to land them.

Tinder Owner Match Group, Google Reach Deal on App Store Payment Rules

Match said it has withdrawn its request for a restraining order against Google, saying Google has made concessions that Match demanded.

Bill Would Force Breakup of Google’s Ad Business

The GOP-led legislation, which has some Democratic support, takes aim at conflicts of interest in the advertising technology industry.

Twitter Moves to Limit Spread of Misinformation in Crises

Social-media platform is adding criteria for tweets involving natural disasters and armed conflicts as Elon Musk pushes for less moderation.

Canada to Ban 5G Equipment From Huawei, ZTE

The decision follows a yearslong security review disrupted by geopolitical tension between Ottawa and Beijing.

Boeing’s Starliner Spacecraft Launches Toward Space Station in Do-Over Mission

The liftoff comes after a failed flight attempt and delays—and successful trips by Elon Musk’s SpaceX.