Some in Congress bristle at tighter security as Justice Department pledges to keep Capitol safe through inauguration

Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen vows no repeat of the riots last week at the U.S. Capitol as DC, states remain on high alert.

Live impeachment updates: GOP House leader: Trump ‘bears responsibility’ for riot, but impeachment a ‘mistake’

“A vote to impeach will further divide the nation. A vote to impeach will further fan the flames of partisan division,” Rep. Kevin McCarthy said.

Geraldo Rivera says ‘loyalty’ to Trump was ‘misplaced,’ calls for president’s impeachment

Geraldo Rivera is reevaluating his loyalty to Donald Trump following the riots at the U.S. Capitol last week.

Coronavirus updates: US tops 4K daily deaths for second time; California lifts shelter order for 13 counties; Texas has 2M cases

California lifts stay-at-home order for 13 counties with improving hospital conditions. U.S. daily deaths top 4,000. Latest COVID-19 news.

SAG Awards moving to April 4 after Grammys spat, will ‘reimagine’ show as a one-hour special

Awards season shuffle: The Screen Actors Guild Awards will now air April 4, following last week’s announcement that the Grammys are moving to March.

Live impeachment updates: Democrats stress ‘danger’ of Trump in fiery impeachment debate

“He must go,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. “He is a clear and present danger to the nation that we all love.”

Nancy Pelosi offers Republicans an impeachment gift, again: Will they take it this time?

Trump is a tumor that needs to be cut from the GOP without any delay. And Pelosi is mercifully handing Republicans a scalpel.

I taught Sens. Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz in law school. Clearly they didn’t pay attention.

With their phony legal arguments and pandering to Trump’s baseless claims, Cruz and Hawley’s bad behavior sets a bad precedent.

Just looking at the snow falling on these thermal baths relaxes our nerves

Imagine swimming in thermal baths as snow falls in Switzerland…

Riot shields, rifles and naps: Photos show National Guard filling Capitol as impeachment hearings begin

National Guard members were inside the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday for security as the House moves forward with impeaching President Donald Trump.