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How Biden’s Infrastructure plan would impact key areas of American life

The nation’s infrastructure is sorely in need of repair. It recently earned a C- score from the American Society of Civil Engineers, which said an additional $2.6 trillion in funding is required over the next decade.

Sanders: ‘Not easy’ to satisfy every Democrat on infrastructure

Budget Committee Chairman Sen. Bernie Sanders tells CNN’s Dana Bash that Democrats have to come together to pass infrastructure, whether in one bill or two.

Schumer on infrastructure talks: We need big, bold change

CNN’s Manu Raju speaks to Chuck Schumer about confronting his most daunting series of legislative landmines in his young tenure as Senate majority leader, navigating conflicting demands from his left and his moderates — all the while facing wary Republicans after years of partisan brawling with the hard-nosed New Yorker.

Missouri newest hotspot due to variant, vaccine hesitancy; vaccination rates rise in California: Live COVID-19 updates

Missouri now has the nation’s highest rate of new COVID-19 cases due to a surge of fast-spreading delta variant and vaccine hesitancy. COVID updates.

Critical race theory and loving America are not mutually exclusive. My journey with CRT.

CRT is about helping Americans understand the reality of our nation’s past and present in order to fix what has been broken for communities of color.

Covid canceled weddings around the world. It also influenced dress codes

The havoc wreaked by Covid-19 on the wedding industry was bound to leave its mark somehow. With 2020 ceremonies across the globe postponed indefinitely or canceled altogether, determined couples adapted as best they could: slashing guest lists by more than two-thirds and matching their outfits to mandatory face coverings. Some weddings even went virtual, with attendees dialing in to meeting apps to watch vows broadcast online.

These are the two key groups now being hit hardest by Covid

• Scientist says early Covid samples were deleted from NIH database
• His wife died by suicide after long-haul Covid. He hopes help is on the way for others
• How Covid spread in a government office and how it stopped

Kamala Harris heading to border Friday after months of bipartisan criticism

Building partially collapses near Miami Beach, authorities say; rescue efforts ongoing

A building partially collapsed in Miami Beach, Florida, early Thursday and prompted dozens of rescue units to the scene, authorities said.

Derek Chauvin case: Community impact statements sought ahead of sentencing

The office of Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison is asking the public to submit community impact statements prior to the sentencing of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin.