To Avoid Trump’s Wrath GM Announces $300 Million Ohio Investment

Days after being slammed by president Donald Trump for its domestic capital spending plans, General Motors has given in to the criticism and announced that it’ll make a $300 million investment in its electric car plant in Orion, north of Detroit, according to Bloomberg. The bailed out automaker which stopped reporting monthly sales roughly the

One Last Warning For The U.S. Shale Patch

Authored by Arthur Berman via, Oil price lost 44% of its value late last year. That price collapse was a signal to tight oil companies to stop over-producing. The message will be repeated until action results. From October 3 to December 24 2018, WTI fell from $76.41 to $42.53 (Figure 1). Figure 1. The

Trump Nominates His Former Campaign Advisor To Fed Board

Update: it’s official. TRUMP SAYS HE WILL NOMINATE STEPHEN MOORE TO FED BOARD And now cue howls of outrage that Trump is stacking the Fed board with even more… doves? At the very least, Moore has established himself as one of Powell’s most outspoken critics. And while the head of the central bank has repeatedly

New Zealand Police Interviewed Mosque Shooter Before Granting Gun License

New Zealand police revealed on Friday that they met with accused Christchurch mosque shooter Brenton Tarrant in October 2017 as part of a routine home inspection connected to his purchase of the guns used in the March 15 attacks that left 50 dead. Australian Brenton Tarrant, a self-avowed white supremacist, applied for the gun licence

Is Beijing Losing Its Footing In South China Sea?

Authored by Haley Zaremba via, The United States military launched nuclear-capable B-52H Stratofortress bombers over the heavily disputed South China Sea last week, where they “conducted routine training”. In these contested waters, the Chinese government has claimed ownership over reserves containing trillions of dollars worth of oil and gas. The South China Sea is